Snow Day!

We live in the deep south, and very rarely get a snow day, let alone one when it snows ALL day and STAYS on the ground.  My younger children have had a ball,  even the kids born in Siberia think it is grand!  (Not near the amounts of snow they were used to having I assure you.)   My ill daughter who is the photographer (and just got a new lense) even perked up to take snow pictures!  It has been a fun day, and some of the kids made snow people for their grand-dad when we went to check on him.  His heat system in his apartment is “broken”, but fortunately it is on auxillary  power and the problem is not being too cold, just that it won’t shut off automatically and gets too warm.  We assured him he can just turn it off to let it cool down when needed until they get it fixed.

Since we homeschool, we would have taken the day off for snow, of course!   But I think the schools are shut down today anyway, and the neighbor girl came a played in the snow a little while.  It may be funny to some, but in this part of the country just a few inches of snow and everyone acts like it is going to be a blizzard and close the schools, and even some businesses.  We really just don’t have the resources ready for life as usual if the roads are a bit messy, and so all the kiddos get a holiday!   Yippee!


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