“one thing after another”

One thing about life is that it is never stagnant.  Even if it seems that way for a time, it is really not.  Sometimes the kids complain of being bored.  I admit that at times I have longed for a bit of excitement.  However, life doesn’t lend itself to boredom for long I have found, so it may be best just to enjoy it while you have it.  One thing after another is a saying that reminds me of today, Valentine’s Day, Sunday — even of the past several days; come to think of it, several months, years even!  Yes, there have been some down times, but they have been greatly punctuated by the ups and downs of life.  Another saying that comes to mind is that one that you have heard from the old salt ad, if nothing else:  when it rains it pours!  Yes, it sometimes seems that way.  Boredom can have a whole new appeal when you’ve been having a lot of the raining/pouring kind of days/months/years.  Lest anyone think that I am complaining, I assure you that I am not.  Yes, life has been bringing surprises and demands and questions with no easy/clear answers.  However, it is in these times that my focus on God’s provision is heightened, and He is giving me the big and seemingly little (at least to the outside world) assurances that He has it all under control, and is working out things for good!  It is hard for me to see beyond my immediate circumstances, but I know God sees it all and is the only one who can really work it all out.  I can depend on Him.  I DO depend on Him.  I Must depend on Him.  He is my sanity.

I hope He is yours as well.


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