Languages at our house

Language learning at our house has been interesting. While my oldest son’s idea of a foreign language is Morse code, my next oldest/oldest daughter started in with computer languages, and has since found a fascination with multiple foreign languages, not the least of which is Russian language, which we began studying in preparation for our family’s adoption of children from the country of Russia, and related travel. Our adopted kiddos have learned English amazingly well, however, our youngest American-born now knows more English than some of her Russian-born siblings. Now we are attempting (somewhat) to learn sign-language, but alas, I seem to be blocked. I would be thrilled to know it and be able to communicate with signing, but I feel so inept and it seems to be such a monumental task. The kiddos — at least the four youngest ones — are doing okay, and would soak it up like sponges if I were more into it I think. I need to dedicate myself to the task, but have yet to really get down to it. Perhaps I am afraid of failing. Of course that is NOT the thing I want to role model to the children or anyone else. So — I guess I will have to keep you all posted on my progress.


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