My current research project if on Lyme Disease.  If you aren’t familiar with it, or are only vaguely familiar like I was, it can be a real eye-opener to realize the controversy that surrounds this tick-borne disease that affects so many and can be #1 difficult to identify/have diagnosed, and #2 difficult to eradicate with treatment.  If you are familiar with the controversy and related ills, my heart goes out to you since you are probably infected with Lyme yourself, or someone near and dear to you is.  Apparently if caught right away, it CAN be cured, but if not, it is a much more complicated story.  Check back for future postings on this topic.  And please, if you will take a moment and pray for my oldest daughter who may/probably does have this disease.  Thank you. Check our the movie, Under Our Skin when you can:


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