Life Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun activity for kids, and educational to boot!  They help with all sorts of things like hand-eye coordination; spacial concepts; small motor skills; and lend to a sense of accomplishment (if you finish) and help build patience and perseverance.  But some puzzles can be down right frustrating.  Especially if it is a puzzling situation rather than just a board puzzle or table-top puzzle (for which you can usually reference the complete picture on the front of the box).

When life hands you a puzzle such as a mysterious illness it can be very frustrating.  Are there positive skills we can learn here as well?  I hope so.  I think as the mom of the ill person, I can say that the lessons may overlap, but are also different from my perspective than they are from hers.  She has definitely had to do some perseverance and learn coping skills and ways to pace herself.  I don’t pretend to really know what all she is going through or what all the life lessons it entails.

For me, I have learned/am still learning more trust and faith in God than I think I had; that I can drop some things but that others have to be tended to eventually; to continue steadfastly; forgiveness; to not dwell just on the illness but let us have a break by talking about and focusing on other things somewhat; to see beyond the illness; when to push and when to back off; to pray, pray, pray and again, trust, trust, trust (God that is).  I am also looking more longingly toward heaven, as well as thinking more of those with severe chronic pain and illness.  I am savoring my friendships and the prayers and concern of others, as well as the daily blessings of God that I might tend to look over otherwise.  (Not as much as I should).   I am not worrying or being overly concerned about the same things as before.

I don’t think I am learning all my lessons as well as I should, but I am still in process, as are we all.  I am amazed at the strength and resilience of my daughter.  There are others, too.  I have read some of their situations.  Giving up is not an option.  Endurance.  I thank God for the ability to endure.  Hope.  I thank him for renewed hope.


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