Homeschooling life

The homeschooling life is ever-changing. Set curriculum and plans may have to be flexible or even set aside for a time when life makes a turn this way or that. Lives intersect at a more intimate level and therefore each family member’s issues affect the others’.

It may be at these times when you are tempted to forfeit the benefits of homeschooling to avoid upsetting the well-laid plans of whatever curriculum or even parent-pieced together plans you are using. You may think the children will be “behind”. Be aware that there is learning that goes beyond the 3 R’s while dealing with real life issues, even as the academics may have to take a backseat for a while. That doesn’t mean that important learning is not going on or cannot go on. When children are isolated from life issues they do not learn as well how to handle them. They derive benefit from seeing the workings out of caring for a sick family member, or how tired mom or dad may be from caring for certain extra responsibilities. They will be empowered when they are able to do something to help out, even if they may protest at first. Certainly there are issues that you would not lay out in complete detail before your young child. But at a level they can understand while providing reassurance, they will be better served to be included rather than shut out of the goings on of their family and family members. Tough and troubling times are those when we may tend to want to pull back and retreat from the world. But we should realize that the immediate family is affected anyway, and that it is better to pull together even more closely during these times, drawing strength and comfort from one another. Children often have a fresh outlook and a more forgiving spirit than adults. Tough times may provide faith-building opportunities unlike at other times. Unknown and untapped skills and interests may be uncovered and a sense of helping, even by their presence, is a treasure that may yield untold benefits in times to come.


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