Beautiful days in Alabama

Actually it is beautiful across the south (except for the yellow clouds — yep! They’re pollen clouds). The little rain we received a couple of days ago helped settle the pollen a bit, but it still has my black suburban looking dark yellow. It is really worse this year than I can remember in the recent past. Thankfully my allergies are not really bothering me much. Some folks I hear are having a rough time with them, though. Folks who are new to the area find it beautiful with the huge blooming azaleas and other fantastic colors popping out all over the place. I remember when my husband first brought me to the southern part of the state to visit some relatives and on the way he went on about the azaleas. Well, I had seen the small variety and thought they were okay, but not really as spectacular as he made them out to be. Then I realized that they weren’t the same as the little ones I had pictured! It is worth a trip to see the springtime beauty of the azaleas. Make sure to have a tall glass of ice tea or homemade lemonade while you are at it!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful days in Alabama

    • It is most beautiful in spring (now) and in the fall — actually has been my favorite time of year except for the unfortunate allergies I get at that time of year. It has been said we are in the “allergy belt”. I hadn’t even known of such a thing until as an adult I moved to the southern part of the state. The northern part of the state even has mountains! (where I grew up) and differs in climate somewhat from the rest. Of course the Gulf Coast has the world’s most beautiful beaches with the snow-white sands!

      Have I tweeked your interest in coming to see Alabama the Beautiful a bit more now?

      Thanks for your comment!

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