More beautiful days . . .

We are still having some very beautiful days and the pollen is even down to what it was! I am thankful for that, and for the rain we have had. We could use some more, but when it does come, I am sure the pasture where we have horses (not at our house) will be like a swamp again! That place holds onto water. And I am reading it is already predicted that it will be a bad year for critters like ticks (Lyme, et al) and of course fleas and mosquitoes will be there, too. Last year was bad as well. I don’t want a replay. Well, I’ll enjoy the azaleas and lower pollen levels as well as the pleasant spring weather without dreading the HOT weather to come too much. But I’ll be working on keeping the flea/tick/mosquito population down, at least on and around my immediate family. Hopefully, I can impress on others to take seriously the threat of Lyme as well. If you are bitten by a tick, don’t delay — get to a doctor. If there is no problem, good. But if you do have a tick-born infection, then the sooner the better to get it treated before it gets involved in more of your body’s systems. Don’t fear, do act.


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