Baby steps and waiting on the Lord

With some things, there are huge signs of progress that everyone around can see and relate to. In other things, progress can be subtle, even invisible, at times. That is how it is with my daughter’s Lyme disease. Anyone who sees her may think she is not improving. She has even gotten somewhat depressed this week, as some symptoms have increased and worsened. Despite this, the truth is that she IS improving and the invisible is there, underneath the surface. The most visible sign of her Lyme disease is the anorexia, brought on mainly by the gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach). Her vomiting is less and her calories (though still less than she needs to maintain and gain weight) are increasing little by little. The fact of food staying down is just one hurdle her body has to overcome. Then, it has been so taxing on her to digest giving her shortness of breath, chest pressure, and sudden extreme exhaustion after eating only very small amount. We were concerned that it might be related to her new antibiotic, but it was not. Still, these “episodes” have lessened if not gone totally away. She is taking more time between each individual bite of food as someone else suffering with gastroparesis (GP) has said. They had been going 10 minutes between bites and gradually lessening the time. Can you imagine having no more than 6 bites in an hour?

God is delivering and healing her and we are trusting in him. The baby steps that are occurring are major. It may not be apparent to everyone else. But progress is progress and it is very, very good. I have been humming/singing/meditating on this song all week which says “hope will rise as we wait upon the Lord . . . Our strong deliverer . . . you do not faint; you don’t grow weary . . .” Waiting is often a difficult thing to do. We stress, we strain, we lash out, we grasp at straws. But to wait upon the Lord seems a much more peaceful, trusting and faithful thing to do.


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