Just found a TICK crawling in middle girls’ bedroom!

We have this little creature in a jar now. After a few minutes with the lid on, I looked and it had pulled in it’s legs and looked all dried out and dead. Seeing it on the floor I would have just thought it a speck of dirt for sure. I opened the lid and gave it a bit of air and pecked the glass a bit, then set it down. Sure enough, in about 2 seconds, it perked up and unfurled it’s legs. Alive and ready to go. This thing is so small, and if it bites you, it has a built-in numbing factor that makes it even less likely that you will notice it before it gets a good blood-meal off of you. They also will let go, if they sense danger, so you may swipe at “something” and then when you look, it’s gone. IF you get infected with LYME (or any of the other nasty bacteria it carries) and IF you get the tell-tale rash, it could be several days later and you might not even notice it (or pay much attention to it) since it doesn’t hurt/itch/burn (at least it didn’t on my daughter) and you haven’t really begun to feel sick yet.
Consumer Reports has an article on which repellants are best for keeping away ticks and mosquitoes. When living with Lyme in the family, it becomes more than just a question of economics. Check it out at the link here. http://www.9news.com/money/article.aspx?storyid=140075


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