A Nice Trip

This week my eldest daughter and I trekked a couple of states over to Lourisiana to her “Lyme doctor” for a re-visit. Unfortunately, she had lost more weight (not currently checking at home, just at the docor’s office since my scale was pretty but ate all of it’s batteries after just one use). At a whopping 90 pounds at 16 years old, she really has none to spare. The doc expressed his concern over her weight loss, changed some meds, due to some bad side effects, and sent us home with some blood work orders (which we spent all afternoon today trying to get them filled but without success).

We had a very pleasant ride for the most part. She was pretty sore after the first day of driving all day, but better after that. (A pillow in the seat was very helpful!) And other than the doctor visit, riding consumed the majority of the trip. We did have pleasant conversation and stopped for some photo ops. (We also got our feet wet in the ocean, drove a little farther to see New Orleans and Lake Ponchartrain.) She got some great pictures! We landed at a neat little shopping plaza (don’t even know the name of the town) and a great sale, with an opportunity to stretch our legs and get out of the car a bit. We had already bought little model animal souveniers for the other kids at the Tractor Supply in Louisiana when we stopped in to get some horse liniment for soreness (It works well — just Absorbine, Jr. in vet strength). We use it more on humans than on our horses. And she was able to get some cute clothes (and me a top and socks to divy up to the rest) all for under $30!


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