TRUST instead of FEAR

There are many times that fear tries to get ahold of each of us. What is it that will transcend fear, dissolve fear, or replace fear. The absence of fear will not just be nothing. There must be something that will displace the fear. That something is trust. And trust can come with other things. Sometimes, we may trust because we have no reason not to, or no background that makes us untrustful. At other times, we may trust because we know the one we are trusing in and they have shown themselves to be trust-worthy. We may trust because of someone’s position of authority, although that is not always the case. We may not even trust so much in an individual, as we trust in a process or system (checks and balances?); sometimes it is a matter of habit, that we don’t analyze too deeply, but just keep on doing the same things expecting the same results that we or others have gotten (as far as we know of) in the past.

When I am afraid, to whom or what do I turn? It follows that I will turn to where I have found trustworthiness in the past, and also that I will turn to someone who is there immediately. Personally, I turn to God, as well as family and friends who I trust and have consistently found trustworthy. Depending on the situation, I may look for those with expertise/knowledge in the particular area of concern. Fortunately, I continue to be directed back to God and the Bible when I have ongoing issues that can be fearful, which is where I find the greatest help. I hope I will be the one to turn others to him as well, when they turn to me in fear. TRUST in the One who is the most worthy of trust.  When you have time, check the number of times the Bible says in one way or another:

Do not fear

It may just surprise you.


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