Been a Long Time

It has been a long time since I have posted. Life . . . Well, you know. It’s been anything but boring. Boring. I have heard my kiddos mention that word. More than just once. I am tempted to give them work/chore to do when I hear it. I believe it is a good idea. But my brain power to think up the chores is sometimes lacking. Not that there is an absence of never-ending work to be done. But, in my younger days I remember thinking (and saying) that boredom was the seed for creativity (or something like that). And I still have an inkling that it CAN be that way. It’s just that my kids tend to take so long to get the creative juices flowing, and when they do, it is something that ends up in someone being hurt or upset, and perhaps a big mess or something broken or destroyed. Hmm . . . creativity I also tended to disdain “busywork”. I knew that the school-teachers would assign busywork, and I thought my homeschooled kids didn’t have to put up with such time wasting and creativity squelching nonsense. Hmmm. . . now I am a little more understanding of the temptation to keep a child occupied with say, oh, maybe, some “busywork” (shhhhh, this is not something I am really proud of). Yes, you live and learn (hopefully) and sometimes come off your high horse a little, too.


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