More Hearing Adventures~new hearing aids!

Our youngest child just received his hearing aids after having been home about seven months.  These were loaners (as hearing aids would be very expensive and not covered by even our very good insurance) and are expected to be transitional only while he awaits cochlear implants.

As we trekked out to feed horses yesterday morning, the birds chirping, and little man romping ahead of me as usual, he stops — looks up with a quizzical expression toward the trees — and then keeps on going.  I was blessed to witness the moment he heard the birds chirping for the first time!  A fantastic experience for mom, even if he didn’t quite “get it”.  As an adoptive parent of an “older” (non-infant) child, we miss out on a lot of firsts:  first steps, first tooth, etc.  So it was nice to get to witness a little of the wonder of his ears opening up to the world around him.

Today was his first Veggie Tale cd.  Not as climactic but still fun and neat reactions from little man.  God is answering prayer that he won’t be afraid of the sounds;  mainly he is excited over sound but just annoyed at having stuff in/on his ears.  I think he’ll get used to the feel.   We are thankful and blessed.


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