Thankful for our Produce Co-op

I am so thankful for our little Produce co-op and the great ladies (and friends) who organize it! Every two weeks we have fresh, mostly organic and certainly delicious, healthy fruits and veggies which helps to keep my family eating healthy. Often there are old faves and items which have become staples like potatoes and lettuce and onions or garlic as well as seasonal fruit. Added to these are sometimes those items which we don’t often get which we KNOW we like, or those which we might not have even tried were it not for the fact that it is part of the produce package. If on occasion (and it is rare) we get something we know all or most of the family would not like, we can exchange it for something on the “extras” table. This is a neat feature wherein whatever is available that is not distributed into each participants regular “box” is available as extras. Depending on the total number of items we usually get to pick between 2 or 3 items of our choice. With our large family purchasing two basic produce “boxes”, we may get to choose 6 extras on one produce day — a job the kids like to have!

Once home and items are sorted, we can wash and chop and bag and store and enjoy the “fruits” of our labor (and the many others who labored to bring us our bounty).  One item we are enjoying is our Salad Spinner.  You may already have one, but I didn’t until several months ago, and the one I got is large and fun to use.  This is a job that the kids like to do.  Of course I think it is a great educational tool for learning about centrifugal force.  Check out my Homeschool astore to the right to get one for your kitchen : )

It is fun to look up recipes for any “exotic” items we may have or even some different recipes for preparing some oldies in new ways. I tend to get in a rut and fix the same things over and over. Fortunately for my family, our produce co-op is one way to keep us from staying in the ruts. Did I mention how cost-effective it is? Well, that’s just another plus!!


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