Vintage Remedies

We are eating healthier these days; hopefully living healthier in other ways as well. One way is using less pharmaceuticals and more natural methods for help with soothing symptoms and strengthening our bodily defenses. While there are bits and pieces of helpful information on these types of resources and how to prepare/use them, Vintage Remedies has courses to teach a wealth of information in a useful way, so that using traditional remedies won’t be just guesswork, perhaps causing more trouble. Here is a link to begin your self-study course. Not just another book, but full courses with support. I like that there are some appropriate for use with homeschooling as well! Check it out:

Whether you are interested in preparing your own herbal remedies at home, or in baking gluten free breads, they just may have something you or your family member would like to learn to do which your entire family can benefit from.  If you need a homeschool elective to spice up the rest of the schoolyear, this  may be what you are looking for as well.  Taking steps to better health is an ongoing process and doesn’t come all at once, but it begins with the first step — what are you waiting for?  Perhaps this is the place to start (or continue) your journey.


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