As we forge ahead into the new year (yes, I know it is almost February but I like to ease into things), I am once again reminded to wait on God’s open door while remaining ready to walk through it.  I am to expect it.  I am to eagerly expect it, without fear or dread.  The unexpected can surprise us catching us off guard.  The unknown can send us into a flurry of worry.

There are always unknowns ahead.  Sometimes we are more cognizant of them.  When things are going along smooth, we tend not to think as much about the unknowns or worry.  But when things are not so smooth, and we are forced to face some of the unknown head on, then we tend to worry and get upset about them.

Remembering and being reminded of who holds our future is key to facing the worrisome unknowns.  As a Christian, I know God can and will bring me through any hardship I must endure, and do it in a way that will be to my ultimate benefit.  I can remember personal and Biblical examples.  When I do, I can dismiss the worrying and think more clearly and function better in the present moment.  Also, my ability to get through a difficult situation with my faith in God at the forefront rather than my natural response indicates more.  More than meets the eye.  More than the present situation.  More than what may be feared.  Whatever giants are to be conquered, God is more powerful.

That confidence is what I need in order to anticipate my next open door without fear or dread, but with excited anticipation.  More than that, as I wait I am to be patient.  Yes, be excited but be patient.  Don’t go ahead on my own.  It could be less than stellar.  Waiting for God’s open door I am not to push doors down.  That is exercising faith, too.  Faith in God’s timing and his way.  While I wait I am reminded of Bible accounts of long-awaited doors, for Abraham and Sarah to have the promised son, for Joseph as he waited as a slave and then in prison, and others.

My daughter, my hero, (heroine to be more accurate) has struggled with debilitating health problems for years, and now is getting miraculously better with treatment that is completely unaffordable, yet God has provided it to her and enabled her to get through some incredibly difficult times, and times of unknowns.  We are away from home several weeks at a time for treatment, and there are difficulties in being away from part of the family at home.

My adopted children have had their own difficult transitions to go through,  and probably did not always understand how it was working out for their benefit in the long run.  We do not have the ability to see or know what is ahead, but we know God does!

We are waiting to move ahead with our ministry to Russian orphans and moving to Russia.  We had thought we would be there by now.  But we realize God has us where he wants us at this moment.  We said yes to the open door to adopt and then had to wait longer and jump through more hoops than we ever imagined.  We said yes to moving to Russia, and now must wait.  To trust God and his open door enough to walk through is necessary at some point.  When we don’t trust him we may miss out on something difficult, but the difficulty will be minor compared to the great good that will be ours in the long run.

To trust God in the waiting is also something we may be called on to do, whether moving to a new country as a missionary, dealing with health problems, adopting a child/children, praying for another’s salvation and your opportunity to share the Gospel.  Or it may be another situation.  Whatever door you are waiting on.  You can be patient, and do what you know to do during the wait period.  Stay close to God so you can hear his voice when he tells you to go!  You can pray to know if there is anything you need to do in preparation.  Be ready.  Be watchful.  Ask God to enable you to be ready when he opens that door.


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