Are You Defective?

Not too long ago we found out about a genetic disorder that had played a part in some difficult health issues my oldest daughter has been facing, and connected the dots not only with her health-related history but some of the rest of the family as well. This one little genetic hiccup can cause a domino effect in your physical health! As one doctor put it, it is upstream of several very important chemical processes. If you have a double whammy from both parents of this genetic glitch it is even worse. Illustrations of this methylation pathway where the defective gene is supposed to do it’s job looks like one of several gears – – different processes that interconnect with one another. Any one of them can have one or more defective genes.

Only a handful of the genes discovered through the Human Genome Project have been studied at length. This one pathway has been studied and it turns out that approximately 40% of Americans have one or more genetic defects in this methylation pathway, not to mention all the other pathways (gears)! If you are interested in this specific issue, Google “MTHFR” (Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) or “methylation”.

My theory is that we are all defective in some respect. Even if your MTHFR genes and methylation pathways are clear of roadblocks, you probably have some other defect somewhere. You see, much as people would like to think our physical forms are evolving over time, getting better and better, it is not really that way at all. Instead there is a decline. Way back at the beginning of humanity, the first man and woman were much better physical specimens. After the Fall, however, mankind began degenerating. So that today, we are less able to ward off illness and heal from disease/injury or process our food than in days gone by. Couple that with the degeneration of our environment! Adam and Eve lived in Paradise, for a while. Everything was “organic”! So their bodies had the pristine nourishment to keep in tip top form. The air was certainly pure. No pollution. You can see that there is a big difference in their environment and ours today.

After the Great Flood of Noah’s day the earth’s atmosphere changed and so did the landscape. Genetically speaking, the gene pool just got a lot smaller as well and it has continued as groups of people branched off from the bigger population, they took only a part of the total DNA information to pass down to succeeding generations, and much was lost. I am certainly no genetic expert, but it is easy to see that in so called “Thoroughbreds” and “Pure Breds” today when animals are touted for certain characteristics and bred to other somewhat closely related (in that breed) to keep those characteristics desired in the offspring, much information is lost. These animals tend to be much more high strung and if you dig just below the surface you will find tendencies that are not so great – – like tendencies toward hip problems in Chow dogs, tendencies toward aggressiveness in some breeds, tendencies toward seizures, etc in others.

Sadly, some people down through the ages, and even today, have wanted to wipe out other people with “undesirable” characteristics. The Holocaust is only one example. How absurd! This “purifying” is not only pure evil, but it’s premise is completely false. The more limited the gene pool, the more consequences such as we see with pure bred pets bred for looks without regard to health or welfare of the animal. It may take a few generations for them to show up, but there are consequences.

Currently, I am saddened at the violent killings and atrocities being reported from Ukraine as they seem to be approaching civil war. Any time people pridefully position themselves over another group of people they are in trouble, as “pride goes before a fall”.

We now know that it is not only the genes that are important but the genetic expression as well. And that expression can be turned off or on during a person’s lifetime. Further, what is sometimes seen as evolution is really de-valution as DNA is not added to but subtracted from. With even just a bare understanding of genetics we see that information (DNA) is not added to from generation to generation, but can be subtracted from or distorted.

We cannot have any more information in our DNA that our parents before us, nor our children have more than their parents. If the first people had all the available DNA that everyone to be born in the future would ever have, they would have to have DNA for all the hair colors, all the eye colors, all the skin colors, all the other characteristics of each person’s physical makeup. Further, since Eve came from Adam, then Adam would have had to have all the DNA information himself. It would then be diluted in each successive generation. So, aren’t we all defective to an extent? Since we are all in the same boat, we should be about keeping it afloat together, not tearing it apart.


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