Shhh. . . . It’s been very quiet lately

Yes, I know it has been very quiet lately on the blog.  Yet I assure you it has NOT been quiet for very long here in Baggettland.  I will let you know, that it is a bit quieter, however, as I have been praying for peace lately for my family and even asked for similar prayer as we held family prayer time in the evenings and as I wrote out prayer requests at our Church.  Being on the prayer team I know we are being prayed for, and it is a big comfort when we have particularly heavy duty prayer needs.  (Aside:  if you are not in a Church that really puts a priority on prayer, you should search one out – – it’s THAT important.)

I have noticed that often the answers to our prayers are much quieter and low-key than we have been with our previous needs. We may worry and fret about a certain need but when the need is met, just go on as if nothing happened. What if we reversed it? We could quietly assess the need and pray about it, perhaps enlisting others to pray as God leads, but without a lot of complaining, worry, or hoopla about it. Then as God provides, stop to thank him, give God the credit in our conversations with others and celebrate God’s provision in our lives with more fanfare than we currently do. What would that do for our relationship with God? Our stress levels? How we appear to others and their perception of the Christian life? Do you know anyone who already lives like this? Aren’t they great to be around?!

So while my family is more at peace at the moment, I am delighted to see God’s work in our lives and excited to experience more. I am celebrating tonight another answer to prayer provided by the all powerful, loving God whose peace passes all understanding.


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