In & Out, Up & Down

“I’m in, right out, right up, right down, right happy all the time . . .” – – so the children’s song goes.  Yet, even as a child I wasn’t so sure about that “happy all the time” part.  Is anyone really happy ALL the time?  Later I learned about biblical, spiritual joy.  JOY:  A deep down happiness that supersedes the surface emotion and that, for a Christian, can really be had because of their deep, personal relationship with Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  And I believe that.

But, it sometimes feels like that joy is buried really deep down, and that the surface emotions are getting the better of me/us.  This past month has had it’s ups and downs for our family and for me personally, and as I reflect on the circumstances and those REAL surface emotions, I realize that the joy that was seemingly buried, was really not so deep after all, and that with a little dusting off it was quickly brought back to the surface.  But that joy needs to be fed, and nurtured, just as any relationship does.  That is what my personal prayer time and Bible study and fellowship with other Christians at Church (such as this great worship service this morning and one on one does for me.  It nurtures my inner joy so that is never buried too deep, whatever comes my way.  How about you?


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