Christmas Week 2015

As we close in on Christmas, and I finally get an opportunity to write a blog post, I am reminded of the many changes in my mindset over the years.

When I was a younger wife and mother I was set on doing everything “right”. Not that I have given up completely, but my definition of what is “right” may have changed a bit. I’ve been told not to “major on the minors”. I focused a lot on the minors then. I still focus on the minors at times, and have to re-focus often. I’ll get to that later.

What we think of “Majors” and “Minors” will change as we have more or less resources. I am not just referring to financial resources, but also time, emotional energy, mental energy, health and more. It will also change with the demands on those resources. A sick child changes what a “have to” to a”let it go” very quickly as you focus on the needs of that child, and even as the seriousness and length of the illness varies. But, while as a young mom I was intent on having the diapers folded a certain way and had the emotional energy (and devotion of my helpful diaper-folding husband) to go along, that was not something I should have majored on in the least, but just been grateful for his help and enjoyed that sweet time together. (Sorry honey!)

Personal preferences are asserted as rights and folks view differing preferences as “wrong” in our culture all the time. Even in my daily life, it takes effort for me to separate myself from trying to teach the correct (or preferred) way to do things (just as I was “teaching” my dear husband my preferred way to fold diapers so long ago), from appreciating them and their efforts.

Prayer and Bible study along with thankfulness help me re-focus and stop majoring on the minors. When I get away from God I tend to focus more on my preferences and that spills over into my relationships. It is not a pretty picture. But when I focus on Jesus and all he went through for me, I can be thankful — for him, for them and can avoid majoring on the minors. Thanksgiving is over, but it is still a great time for giving thanks for our family, friends and especially at Christmas — our Savior.

Reminder to myself and my readers: Let’s make sure we don’t major on the minors this Christmas, but give thanks and major on our relationships — with God, our Savior and the people in our lives. Merry Christmas!


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