Luxury Soaps & Shampoos Hack with Essential Oils (contains affiliate links)

Life has certainly been proving to be, well, UNCERTAIN and as the mom of this crazy crew, I am torn between my lack of funds and the draw to better items for me and my family.  These are everyday products that you may or may not deem luxury items. But when I know I can get shampoo/conditioner or liquid soap or dish soap at the local dollar store, it seems like a big splurge to buy those for $8, $9, $10, $11 and up, especially when we go through them so fast.

A bubble bath for my youngest son recently ate up 2/3 of a bottle of wintergreen essential oil scented soap I had received as a gift.  Being deaf, his other senses are a big focus.  He has always sought out and reacted strongly, positively or negatively, to scents.  Good thing he really liked the scent of wintergreen!
In order to get the added benefits of essential oils (a luxury ingredient that is likely missing from my dollar items) I realized can add a few drops of a favorite essential oil or blend or one which seems to compliment the current scent of my soap or shampoo/conditioner as soon as I bring home the bottle. After l add around 5 to 10 drops, replace the lid and shake it up, it is ready to use. Furthermore, I get a quality essential oil that is not necessarily food grade as I don’t think it is necessary to buy the most expensive essential oils on the market for this purpose.  Adjust the amount of drops to your liking.
For kids who like the spray you might keep the empty bottle and refill with water plus one or two drops of a favorite essential oil (depending on how strong the scent of the particular oil) and shake it up.

For laundry I have begun using white vinegar with a few drops of essential oils in the washer in the fabric softener compartment. My front loading machine can easily develop a bad odor. (I found out this is common due to their design.) The vinegar/essential oil rinse helps take care of it, and no — the clothes do not come out smelling like vinegar. I just add several drops to my vinegar jug and then it’s good to go with a little shake before each use. I also like to add some essential oil drops to my clothes dryer which helps the clothing to come out with a fresh, but not strong, scent.  I did have a little stuffed dog who had some wear to whom I added several drops (about 12 – 15) of an essential oil blend every few loads.  I would just sniff it and if there was no more of the essential oil scent I would add some more. Since my laundry pup went missing I have just been using a wash cloth, but I miss my little pink laundry puppy.
14 Essential Oil Set (7 Synergies and 7 Singles) Includes 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade of: Sensual , Energy, Germ Fighter, Relax, Immune-Aid, Tranquil, Invigor-Aid, Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Orange, Lemon & Cinnamon. 10 ml each.
I hope these tips help you to enjoy adding essential oils to upgrade your budget products and keep the wallet happy as well.


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