Taking the Plunge!

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I FINALLY took the plunge! No, not a cool plunge into some refreshing pool of water on a hot Southern summer day, though that would feel nice and relaxing. I finally took the plunge after a l-o-n-g time of putting it off and I bought one of the big name essential oil kits.  I have been using essential oils already and was convinced that they had HUGE benefits after my own family’s experience and tons of personal research including not only marketing materials and testimonials from various sources, but scientific research articles as well.  I have bought various brands and began using them aromatically.  We got an affordable but good diffuser like this one.


If you are unable (or unwilling) to spend that much initially to get started you can do what I did.  I was careful to get better quality oils from what I could tell and read (a lot) avoiding the really cheaper ones that were more likely to be inferior and impure.  (Two or three I managed to get hold of were definitely inferior and had an off odor to them, though.)

I am a label reader!  We have to avoid certain additives and ingredients so it is part of life now to pay attention to ingredients. I have learned that it is important to pay attention not only to what goes into our bodies directly through food and drink, supplements and medications, but also through what goes ON our bodies.  AND what gets INHALED (and does not even get filtered by the digestive system)!

So, while we have had great results in our family and home with my budget diffusers and moderately priced essential oils, I still wondered about the big brands and because of the difficulty of REALLY knowing the background of the oils in these little bottles, I wanted to have the assurance that their quality and purity were backed up. Plus it is easier to have a go to that is consistently trustworthy.  But I was REALLY impressed that the little bottles in my big name kit were SO MUCH STRONGER than the oils we had been using.  For instance:  My oldest daughter uses a personal diffuser in her room to help with some of her chronic symptoms. We had generally used a blend similar to a popular one from the big brand and she had noticed that with the new oils from my big brand starter kit she needed only a few drops (4 – 5) instead of the usual amount (15 – 20)!  I had noticed the same thing!  You really need to be careful not to overdo it with these super strong oils 😃.

However, as I said, we did manage with the more moderately priced oils for a while as I learned more and experimented with more ways to incorporate them into daily living.  If you cannot afford the better oils (better quality in my opinion thus far), you do not have to wait or do without!  You CAN benefit from essential oils! I started with a diffuser (which is plenty powerful for a small area or room) like the one above

I used LOTS of this blend which smells great!

I used it to diffuse and clean the air and have a fresh smell, plus for cleaning in a spray with water or vinegar and on a wet cloth or sponge as well as in the laundry. (Check out my post which mentions my laundry puppy here.). The components of this blend are comparable to (though not exact) the big brand blend that was so popular.  I used it in a vacation lake house we leased sight unseen which had a leaking washing machine on the lower level when I arrived.  Plus, the house, though appearing clean, had a moldy, musty odor.  After I called the owner and helped the cleaning lady with the water leak cnleanup, I went to work rapidly trying to salvage this vacation by cleaning down the kitchen surfaces with my little oiled cleaning cloth while diffusing it in my diffuser that I had (thankfully) brought from home.  By the time the rest of the family arrived (along with my daughter who has serious sensitivities to mold and environmental toxins), the upstairs was smelling clean and pure and the downstairs was significantly improved. We had no adverse health episodes and a lovely vacation after all.

Using oils topically or even ingesting however, it was important to me to have oils I could reliably count on for purity.   Knowing that the oils would be absorbed I wanted to make sure any I used topically on my family were high quality and to be able to count on their purity.  This is a reason to stay away from the cheapest oils.

I am using my cheaper oils outdoors now, where they can be used liberally and not inhaled so much as if using indoors.  I can use them in diy yard and garden spray for pests (not directly on the edible fruits and veggies, though) and in outdoor cleaners, saving my better oils for personal family and indoor use.  Inhaling some essential oils is a very good way to reap the benefits fast, bypassing the digestive system, but also a way that impurities can make a big impact, as we have learned from experience.

So there you have it! An ultra frugal way to get started with essential oils by just dipping your toes in the water and avoiding the pitfalls of the oils that may do you and your family more harm than good, or at the least turn you off of essential oils so you are cut off from experiencing their benefits due to a negative experience.