In Like a Lion?

stockvault-daffodil113543I think the old saying is “In like a lion, out like a lamb” referring to the winter weather.  Well this year has had some excitement in our neck of the woods and certainly elsewhere.  Here in the deep south, our lovely weather of last week gave way to more cold, wintry weather as we moved into March.  We shouldn’t be surprised, however, as that is usually the case.  It just varies a bit from year to year.  Usually there is a bit of a teaser in February of the Spring to come, but it is not time to store up all the warm clothing and blankets just yet.

My oldest daughter noted the horses were already losing their winter coats last week, yet I put the warm winter blanket on the older horse again to help him through last night’s cold temperatures.  Even my favorite flowers the daffodils (Jonquils to some of you) seem to have been tricked by the warm, sunny days.  I am not sure that our getting caught off guard from year to year is a sign of human forgetfulness or naivety or perhaps of our optimism and hopefulness.

“Hope for the best and plan for the worst” is another old saying that I cannot seem to embrace.  How can we really plan for the worst and maintain hope?  Perhaps plan against the likely? Or plan for bumps in the road?  Or try not to be a total pessimist while being a realist and holding onto your optimism?  I guess that is a bit too long to get passed around enough to be recognized as an “old saying”.  I like what the Bible says in First Thessalonians, chapter 5 16-18:

 Rejoice always,pray continually,give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (NIV)

Of course this applies to more than just the weather on any given day.  When we look at our circumstances, or even the sky on some days, it may take effort to rejoice, pray and give thanks.  But it is the key to those gloomy days when it seems that spring doesn’t come fast enough.  Have a great day, whatever your weather!